The NFI Family

One Big Family Accomplishing Great Things.

Together we stand through blizzards, fires, and hurricanes.  Not even a global pandemic can stop our hard working family of heroes from delivering the solutions that keep North America moving.

Why Drive For NFI?

We're transforming driving careers. 
Since 1932 NFI has focused on improving the health and wellbeing of our drivers. Gone are the days of being on the road for several weeks at a time. NFI  drivers are home on a daily, semi-weekly or weekly basis, giving them quality consistent hometime and paychecks they can be proud of and rely on.  
We thrive off of collaboration.
Joining the NFI family means collaborating with a community of more than 11,800 associates. As members of the NFI network, employees are encouraged to create relationships that extend across the globe. They are empowered to share their ideas, big or small, with other associates and members of the leadership team. These relationships help NFI as a whole deliver on our purpose, vision and values (P.V.V.).
We offer training programs.
Recent trucking school graduates can get local driving jobs!  Valuing safety, NFI has built the industries top finishing program for recent grads.  Just say no to team driving. NFI provides you with a highly skilled, properly certified trainer to work beside you, and help you learn the skills to succed. Programs are also available for drivers wishing to return to a driving career after a 2 year or longer absence.
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Interested in NFI? See all opportunities within the NFI network.